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Juillet 2017 : Ce blog actif de 2005 à 2011 reçoit encore entre 50 et 100 visites par jour. Mais depuis 2012 vous trouverez notre nouveau projet et tapant www.veroeddy.be dans votre moteur de recherche préféré. A bientôt. Véro et Eddy


Nous sommes ravis de vous accueillir virtuellement dans notre espace voyage. Nous avons ouvert ce blog de voyage en 2005, mais nous bourlinguons ensemble depuis plus de 30 ans. Nous espérons  vous divertir avec nos récits, mais surtout, vous donner envie de découvir le monde, vous aussi. Si vous souhaitez poser une question  C'est ici
Merci pour l'intérêt que vous portez à nos aventures. Bonne découverte.  
Véro et Eddy


4 août 2005 4 04 /08 /août /2005 00:00

 Swhedagon pagoda - YANGON

Bienvenue aux nouveaux lecteurs qui nous ont rejoins cette semaine : Marc, Pascal, Isa, Cédric, Océane, Aymerick et Mélina. J'espère que les plus jeunes  auront aussi envie de publier un commentaire. Pour ceux qui demandent comment faire un blog comme celui-ci (ou mieux que ce modeste opus), il y a déjà quelques explications sur le site de over-blog qui est accessible par un lien au bas de notre blog. Impossible de lire ou d'envoyer des mails sur hotmail ou yahoo dans ce pays, mais dès notre retour en Thailande, on vous fait signe et on répond à vos éventuelles questions plus précises. Bonne recherche à tous



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Anne-Marie 05/08/2005 22:10

Hello Vero et Eddy,
Quelle joie de vous retrouver sur votre blog. Ici en Colombie britannique, c'est un superbe ete : soleil, ciel bleu et temperature tropicale ( au-dessus des 30 C ) pendant la journee ! Take care ! AM

Vero 05/08/2005 15:25

Hi brievava,

Yes it is possible to go to Mrauk U in the rainy season, but as you saw on our blog it is raining...

Pratical info (july and august 2005)

Plane from Yangon to Sitwee every day ( 2 different private companies- yangon air twice a week, mandalay airways the rest of the week cost 84 us payable in dollars only - can be book from on day to another)
Idon't think it is possible to do it in one day in this season because departures depend on the tide and the capitain advice. Also sometime the plane is schedule in the afternoon. Once in Sitwee two choices : governemental boat twice a week ( 10 dollars/person one way) or chater what we did. We paid 80 US with is a very good price (for them) because capitaine didn't wait for us in Mrauk U but went back to Sitwee and came back 4 days later to pick up us. But as I said somewhere on our blog I don,t want to bargaing about security and I prefer to paid more for a good boat. It is not a bad advice to ask to see Capitain and boat before making the deal. In the delta the water is quite rough. Of course that depend of the weather. Trip took us 7 hours to go 8 hours to come back . Funny but the water was worst on the return journey. The locals can see the boat that normally brings tourist from far. They were expecting us and were prompt to propose themself as guide. Trishaw driver agree to look at the hotels to bargaing the prices. After trying to bargaing because of the rainy season in the two more expensive hotel ( Narawat and Mrauk U hotel - fixe price around 45 US with power from 6 to 11pm) we were very welcome at the Vesali. Very friendly staff. We saw the room ( bungalow style in a garden) and agree on a price : 85 Us for 4 night for a double including breakfast. Next door is the Prince with cheaper prices. Walking distance from the market. They also prepare us great food for diner if you order in advance ( 7000 kyats for 2 - 3 courses). We agree with the trishaw driver over a day rental 6000 kyat per day. The man we trust for the job speak english and is a one eye blind - sorry complicate name. His bother speak also good english and knows about the tourist needs because he work for 5 years in a hotel. They took us to the temples, the local paddy festival, the market, and also the villages where we saw a lot of activities thanks the fact that they are living in one of those villages themself.  We were also very lucky to see one Chin women ( face tattoed) because in this season it is very difficult to go up river to the chin villages.

So possible it is as we did it but be prepare to explore with rain. The hotel led us two big ombrella. Also choose carefully your foot wear. Don't forget that you have to take them off to go in the temples. If you can stand slippers they are beter than boots quikly heavy in those extreme conditions. Also we agree with the driver that we ddi'nt want to travel under heavy rain.

In most hotel they want dollars. Kyat you get the best rate (black market) in Yangon. Yesterday rate 1100 kyat/1dollar.

We only took time to post articles on our blog in Yangon but saw a cyberplace in Sitwee. Soule pagoda road they have a cyber cafe and I think Eddy ask them to put photoshop on nearly every machines. They call us Mr and Mrs Photoshop. Yahoo and hotmail is not working in many places in Burma so we thought of a blog to keep in touch with family members. What is crasy is that they have skype from 3 weeks now. Very easy to give cheap phonecalls but you cannot put money on your account from there ( no security connection allowed) so it is beter to prepare you account from home.
Please feel free to ask any informations on the bolg if you need and in a few days we tell about golden rock aslo an adventure in this season. I post this as a comment so that other can read it. I hope my poor english is understandable.

Vero and Eddy

Brievava 05/08/2005 09:51

Hi veroeddy, we are going to burmo on august 20th and we are planning to go to mrauk but some people give us adviced aginst going there because it is the rainy season and it we can find that itŽs not posible to reach Mrauk from Sitwe by boat. what do you think about that??
We plan to do yangon-Sitwe by plane and sitwe-mrauk by boat. Is it posible to do it in the same day??

Another doubt we have: Is it posible to pay hotels un dolars around burma or do we need to pay in kyats??

We have taken a look to your blog, we were excited to see places that we will visit in 15 days!!! Is a pity I donŽt apeak french :(. is it easy to access internet in Burma?. How did you manage to post your photos in your blog??.

thaks a lot for sharing your experiencies!!